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Hi, I'm Jeff Gager. My book, "Working On The Wild Side", is a collection of true stories from my 24-year career as a Game Warden with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Department.

Throughout my career, I've made many routine arrests and written my share of standard tickets during that time, but that's not what my book, "Working On The Wild Side" is about.

Order your copy of "Working On The Wildside".I love to tell stories almost as much as I love to listen to them, so early in my career I began keeping a log book. I jotted down some of my more humorous experiences, as well as stories involving other officers, just so I wouldn't forget them. Finally, when my journals were full of crazy tales and people kept telling me I should write a book, I decided to do just that. Although these yarns took place in Florida, I think you can relate to them no matter where you live.

What I really hope is that once you've finished these pages, you'll view wildlife officers differently. We have a job to do, but we're just as human as you are. These stories are all true, and I can vouch for them. I was either personally involved in them or I had direct knowledge of how they occurred. They're brief and easy to read. I've tried to keep the language clean so that most folks will find it user-friendly.

Visit My Book page to view the book's contents, which I hope will whet your appetite andencourage you to purchase a copy for your reading enjoyment and to give as gifts to your friends and family members.


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